The Global battle

The Global battle

By Jorge Buxade

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Vox is not going to fight the left with the same weapons, in whole or in part. Vox’s weapons are called common sense, and a social and national sense of things.

Since May 68, the parties of the left, throughout Europe, have renounced two banners of attachment: the defence of the interests and needs of the workers, and the conscience of the nation.

They decided at that moment to change their political “hooks” to initiate a policy of “identities and collectives”: feminism, ecology, immigrationism, animalism, and in the last phase, the gender movements; all “transversal” movements where the family, the social and the national are irrelevant circumstances; because in reality their objective is to demolish everything.

In this way, the left became the main ally of the large multinationals that have only one objective: to globalize consumer habits, to globalize production and profits, to save on labor; to eliminate national regulations that protect what is their own, to eliminate the union defense of the workers, to give just one example.

That is why, all over the world, there is no longer a confrontation between left and right in the classical sense; but between patriots and globalists. We have seen this in the George Floyd affair when the multinationals have allied themselves with the anti-fa terrorist movements.

Both want a world without nation-states. Both of them respond to the same concept of human being: an isolated individual, who determines and asserts himself every morning, sexually, in the family, socially; uprooted, without memory and without tradition. That individual who is proposed rejects everything that is given to him: the family and the nation; he is an isolated individual. He is the perfect target for the big corporations that place their products on him, even though he does not need them: the perfect consumer.

In Vox we believe that the person, the human being is something else: he is not an isolated individual but a being in relation to his past, his tradition, his customs, history, family, his democratic institutions, his nation. At VOX we know that the family or the nation is an essential part of who we are, and they are good things, which should be preserved and strengthened. We know, because common sense says so, that happiness is not in self-determination every day and consuming anything even if it’s cheaper, but in being what one is, in feeling like a member of a family or a nation, which is a guarantee of rights and protects you when they go wrong.

The left has deceived the Spanish worker and left him alone, helpless and uprooted, to be a mere consumer. The interests are common: it is in the interest of the left-wing parties to have an uncritical citizen who consumes the intellectual rubbish that they propagate in the media and social networks; and it is in the interest of the large conglomerates to have a citizen who satisfies their thirst for freedom and happiness by consuming things and services that are often unnecessary.

They no longer defend the Spanish worker against his or her real problems: the search for a job; decent jobs, real reconciliation of work and motherhood, housing, safety in the streets, illegal competition from foreign products and services, illegal immigration.

Their banners are far from biological reality (gender), physical reality (global warming versus protection of the natural environment) or historical reality (official truth versus freedom of thought).

And that is why, more than ever, the interests of the worker are intimately linked to those of the self-employed and the small or medium business owner, to the defense of private property, of the primary and industrial sectors, of the rural world, and of the freedom of enterprise; all of them threatened by mundialist movements that globalize ideas destructive of the political order, intellectual misery and social control.

Jorge Buxade

Jorge Buxade

Jorge BUXADE VILLALBA official portrait - 9th Parliamentary term. MEP for VOX Spain

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